Why we outsourced the development of our ordering-system ntouch?

Outsourcing is an ideal solution when the goal is to cut-off expenses, improve the quality of services, achieve scalable access to trained staff and manage overloads. The benefits we offer will save your time and money and enable you to focus on your core competence. When we did it we had time to develop new ideas, instead of spending time trying to solve problems with encoding.

Let us help you get startet. All free of charge.

What to expect of your partner

Our patner is a global outsourcing company operating in the market since 2000. Our partner have provided offshore development services such as database design and integration, programming, e-commerce solutions and graphic design, as well as business process outsourcing (BPO).

  • Finding a good local team that would realize a project at a reasonable fee may be challenging sometimes. For a sufficiently big project you need to hire a project manager, a few developers, a tester, a technical writer, a system administrator, etc. You would need to make sure that all of them are skilled enough to complete your task, can communicate with each other, and can complete your project in time. Onix ensures it all.
  • Dedicating a team to each project is one of the principles of Onix development. It makes our relationship with each client more effective and mutually beneficial. Developers are working for a client for months supporting projects on different stages of their lifecycle.
  • You can pay for this service on a monthly or a weekly basis depending on the skill of developers you hire and the type of work they perform. Our managers will coordinate the developers work and send you daily or weekly reports. Hourly prices as low to 15-20 dollars, and thats in Europe. Who can beat that? All deals go through Elance Escrow. It is a safe and efficient way to pay for work delivered online. Once a job is awarded, the client and freelancer define and agree upon milestones, and funds are then placed into Escrow.

This is the best solution when you want to build an Agile-type team and change tasks frequently according to your business requirements

Features of ntouch

Elegance, Performance, Full Features. No Compromise


What we invent at our lab!
ntouch is an order / booking system originally developed for canteen and catering industry. The system is designed to meet your customers' needs to have an easy order placement. - While the customer has the full picture and being to ensure that their order has been communicated correctly, you receive it.

The orderingsystem ntouch is designed to make the order process is simple and efficient. At the same time ensures intouch that you are in a close dialogue with your customers. - Automatically!

All you need to do is contact us. So we would be happy to meet up with your business and make an assessment of the benefits for your company's customers, employees and the subsequent financial gain.


ntouch is 100% independent of other office network / server environments, and can work with Microsoft ® Office or Google Apps. We adapt and constantly develop the system in cooperation with our customers. Whatever tomorrow's technology brings, we are prepared, and so is you.

We offer:
Monitoring / corrections of current orders. Reporting to management and bookkeeping. Free Support, Free Setup. Free Education, Help for start-ups.

ntouch the develpment, and why we choose to outsource.

I think we used 10 different development companys by now, all of them said they could solve our issues without a problem! That wasnt really the case.

Through our process of developing the orderingsystem ntouch, we learned alot. And outsourcing is not an as easy task as it sounds - untill you find the right partners.
Finding the right partners takes time and costs a lot of money. And the end result is perhaps not as you wished for.

Contact us please, we would love to guide you through and get you startet!

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